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Oct. 15th, 2006

pink rainbow music

Bamboozle Left

Was amazing.

I met the whole Cobra Starship gang (and missed HelloGoodbye's performance because of it, but it's okay cuz we could hear it from across the field). Gabe was drunk off his ass and a total sweetheart. Nate quoted Gym Class Heroes in his autograph.

I also met the CIWWAF gang, and everyone but Shaant was totally sweet. Shaant was pissy because he was missing GCH -- come on, man. Have some fuckin courtesy to your fans (I wanted to say to him).

The highlight of the night, if you haven't already heard, was the Something Corporate played after Jack's Mannequin.

What a night!

Sep. 4th, 2006

i like this music

Life's Downs and Ups

I'm so bummed. I didn't get to see Cute.
[I'm sending your money back.]

College is pretty fucking awesome, though. Movie night while doing shots anyone? Hell Yes. Social Justice and Leadership is the party dorm.

Aug. 20th, 2006

ear scream

I am a Mills [Fresh]Woman.


It's official. I'm moved into my tiny dorm room (with a lovely porch) and am chillin in my room while everyone else has to take the English placement exam.

Because, thanks to my IB English score, I tested out of "English 101"!!

In other news, the weather here is wonderful. Absolutely gorgeous, chilly bay area weather.

Aug. 14th, 2006

i like this music

And they're from Carmichael!

This is the second most viewed video on youtube, of all time. That's kinda amazing.

Jul. 20th, 2006

i like this music

i'll give you a hint: mine!!!

guess whose email address is now lkelly@mills.edu ????????

hehe woot. imma goin to college (it's becoming more and more official).

Jul. 17th, 2006

i like this music


i don't know why anyone should care, but damn, i'm happyCollapse )

i got new shoes. in navy blue. i love them.

in other news, i really, really want this bike.

things that i'm trying to spend money on:
-new digital camera
-new cell phone
-video ipod
-that bike
-CDs, ringtones, songs

Jul. 15th, 2006

i like this music

I'm excited.


Not at all interested in the movie, but I want that album.

In other news, people in my neighborhood are lighting off fireworks and I don't know why. It scares my dog.

In other other news, I still haven't seen Pirates II...and I don't know if I will before the DVD drops.

Jul. 13th, 2006

i like this music

Home sweet home

I'm back.
I loved Italy, especially the part where i got to celebrate the italian world cup victory with the romans.

More later. Comment me and catch me up, yes?

help: what is this "snakes on a plane" business?? i saw the music video, but i don't understand...

Jun. 22nd, 2006


On Vacation

My very auspicious horoscope:
Whatever the cause, you will finally get that needed push out of the nest.
Hit the ground running and move forward with this fun and exciting adventure!

(banner made for me by the lovely and ever so talented omgx_its_nicole.)

Jun. 13th, 2006

i like this music

why can't we be friends?

i just love this banner. thanks oneemptywish.

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